Best Same day dental crown Same day crowns done at Andersen Dental Center. The process of a crown is the same process for preparing, impressing, and delivering rather if it’s completed in one day or 2 weeks. The difference is you end your day with having your permanent crown delivered and seated in the same day. This will provide you with not needing to wear a temporary crown for two weeks before receiving your natural permanent final crown.  No worries about sensitivity, biting, chewing, or possible temporary crown coming lose and falling completely off.

Step 1 – Diagnose and present treatment options for you as the patient being a good candidate for a same day crown.

Step 2 – Schedule your same day crown to be prepped, impression taken, and designed that day to be delivered. This will still provide a two appointment procedure in one day. Your appointment will start in the early morning and your crown will be delivered by a few hours following your initial appointment.


What is a bonded composite resin filling?

Bonding is another term used for dental composite resin or in most cases as patient’s best known as the “white fillings that replace silver fillings”

Resin composite is a material used to replace decay, discolored teeth, chipped or broken teeth with a natural looking tooth color appearance. Resin bonding composite is shaped and designed to your tooth by adhesives. This provides Dr. Andersen to minimize taking away any healthy tooth structure by needing to make under cuts to support the attachment of the filling. Instead with a bonded filling, Dr. Andersen only removes the unhealthy part of the tooth and replaces it with the resin composite, white filling that matches your natural appearance of your tooth with an adhesive curing approach.

Why choose bonding resin fillings?

If you have experience the following with your teeth, bonding
is most likely a good option for you

  • Chipped your front tooth or teeth
  • Have discolored appearance to your teeth and want to change the color
  • Have decay/cavity in your natural tooth and it needs to be replaced
  • Have old leaking silver/amalgam fillings that need to be replaced
  • Open spaces between your teeth that you would like closed with a natural appearance in shape or color
  • Can be completed in same appointment

Bonding resin fillings can be used on your front teeth or back teeth.

  • Bonding fillings provide a strong lasting natural feel, shape, and color to your tooth.

full mouth restoration

What are full mouth restorations?

Are you someone who has missing teeth, large old silver fillings, out dated crowns, along with having problems with your bite, jaw pain? Maybe you don’t like the way your teeth come together or look in appearance. You basically have multiple teeth that need restoring to new.

Why choose full mouth restorations?

If you are suffering from teeth that have decay, cracked, or badly worn due to grinding your teeth or other habits, you are encouraged to contact Andersen Dental Center to schedule an appointment at 360-567-3333 or email  Dr. Andersen has an honest straight forward approach to providing his patients with options that will best fit each individuals personal dental treatment needs. Look to see what others are saying through his reviews.

List of procedures Dr. Dane Andersen provides to his patients.

  • Bonding
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Veneers
  • Onlays
  • Implant dentures
  • Root canals
  • Extractions w/ replacement of implants

Smile Makeovers!

Cosmetic Consultation

 Porcelain veneers are a conservative way of permanently enhancing your smile by correcting spacing, color, size, or shape of your teeth.  This can even be completed in one day!  Come in and see how veneers can change your life! 



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