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At Andersen Dental our goal is to give you a comprehensive solution to any dental issues you face. Part of that comprehensive solution is to educate all of our patients on oral conditions and situations that they or their family may face. Wisdom teeth is a very common dental complication that most families have to deal with at some point. There is a good chance that you or someone in your family has had to have their wisdom teeth removed, which is why we are so well-versed in wisdom teeth extractions. Many people today do not have enough room in their jaw for wisdom teeth, so they often end up needing to be removed. That’s where we come in!

What’s the deal with wisdom teeth?

No one is certain as to why we have wisdom teeth but often don’t have enough room for them. There is speculation as to why wisdom teeth. Some believe that wisdom teeth acted as fillers for lost molars in pre-history. What is certain is that if you don’t have enough room for your wisdom teeth, but they are left to come in on their own, you will likely suffer an impacted tooth, which is no fun!

Regular Examinations are Key

When you make it a point to come in (or have your child come in) once every six months, we can stay abreast of your oral health and prepare for issues like wisdom teeth. We take X-rays of your mouth once a year and use them to determine where the wisdom teeth are and when they will need to be removed. If you have a teenager, it is critical that you bring them in for their regular cleanings and examinations for several reasons. Teenagers are at extremely high risk for oral maladies brought on by the lack of good oral hygiene like gingivitis and cavities. The mid to late teens are also the years that the wisdom teeth are most likely to become impacted.

What is Tooth Impaction?

A tooth is impacted when it runs into another structure of the mouth as it erupts from the gums. Wisdom teeth are often at high risk for impaction. Because most mouths do not have enough room for wisdom teeth, they are often forced to come in at awkward angles and will run into other teeth or parts of the jawbone as they erupt. When wisdom teeth are left to become impacted, they often result in severe pain and serious infections, which can cause the loss of healthy teeth and bone mass in the jaw.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Girl sitting in a dental chair with a beautiful smile talking to hygienistWisdom tooth extractions are fairly simple. The procedure changes on a case by case basis, but it will always fall under the label of either a simple or a surgical extraction. Simple extractions can be executed when the tooth has already partially or fully erupted from the gum line. We will grip the tooth with a special tool called an elevator and wiggle it gently back and forth until it can be pulled out.

Surgical extractions occur before the tooth has erupted from the gum line. We will make an incision in the gums and remove the tooth from the jaw very carefully. In both cases, we will suture the site closed and give you post procedure instructions to follow.

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Maintaining proper Wisdom Teeth Health is very important to your overall oral well being. If you have any further questions, or you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 360-567-3333, or schedule an appointment through our website.

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