Family Dentist in Vancouver, WA

We Love being your Family Dentist

We here at Andersen Dental Center, are happy to help the entire family, from infants to parents. We pride ourselves on being a family dentist and are always interested in providing the best possible service to those in need. It is important to know what to expect with any dental visit. Whether you are a first-time visitor or an established patient, Andersen Dental Center is here to help you navigate through the services we offer.


Dr. Andersen loves welcoming the entire family to his office. If you have a little one, it is important to get them acclimated, so it’s not so “scary” when they need to come in for check-ups. If you have a toddler whose teeth have erupted or are beginning to erupt, we will be likely just to count the teeth and make sure they are developing appropriately. We will teach them the basics of good oral hygiene in a fun and easy way so that they develop good habits. As they mature, we can begin to clean their teeth. If you have got a teenager in need of orthodontic treatment, we offer Invisalign as well. It’s an easy and discrete way to help straighten your teen’s teeth.


If you are a first-time patient or coming in for a check-up, you will receive a dental exam. Dr. Andersen will examine your teeth for any decay, stains, or cracks, etc. Your gum tissue will be evaluated, and we will perform diagnostic X-rays. This will help reveal any problems you may have beneath the gums. We will also evaluate any existing restorations, such as implants or filings, to ensure there are no issues.

Dr. Andersen will go over a suggested healthy plan for your mouth. If further treatment is required, he will recommend dental fillings or other restoration options that best suit your needs. Once a plan has been agreed upon, we can schedule a follow-up appointment. If you have no issues, then we will schedule your next routine check-up.

We also offer a wide variety of options for patients interested in cosmetic dentistry. Whether it be whitening or veneers, crowns or dental implants, we can help you achieve the smile you deserve!



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