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What Is the Best Dental Schedule for Me?

You probably know that most standard dental checkups are done twice a year. However, dentistry is as individual as your personal health. Because your dentistry needs are distinct to you, the oral health schedule that Dr. Andersen suggests you follow may be different...

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The History of Andersen vs. Anderson

One of the questions we often get asked here at Andersen Dental Center is “It’s spelled AnderSON, right?” So, we thought we would help set the record straight with a little last-name history lesson. Here is why we are AnderSEN Dental Center, not AnderSON Dental...

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Why Get Dental Implants

Sometimes, despite a person’s best efforts, they lose a tooth or many of their teeth. This can happen from injury, old age, periodontitis, or poor oral care. In the past, missing teeth meant dentures or bridges, both of which can be harmful to existing teeth and can...

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