The holidays are filled with sugary foods that are bad for both your teeth and overall health. However, there are many great foods in season right now too! So, instead of giving you a list of foods you already know you should avoid, we wanted to provide you with delicious, seasonal treats that are still good for your teeth! Seven Holiday Foods That Benefit Your Oral Health

1. Cheese

Do you just love those brie bites that feature in so many holiday parties? Well, cheese is filled with tooth enamel builders like calcium and magnesium. These minerals are specially designed to keep your teeth strong and healthy. So, eat up those yummy cheeses guilt-free. Just remember to rinse or brush after every meal!

2. Pumpkin seeds

This seasonal snack is rich in another mineral essential to enamel, phosphorous. Phosphorous helps to keep your teeth healthy and is especially beneficial for children who need a strong base from which their teeth can grow.

3. Raw apples

We know there are a ton of cooked apple dishes associated with the season – including the all-American apple pie. While you’re baking your favorite apple dishes, be sure to munch on some raw apple as well. You can even serve apple slices on the side for a post-dessert snack. The fiber and water filling this fall fruit will help you clean your teeth after a big meal.

4. Green Beans

Green bean casserole or some variation is a favorite on many a Thanksgiving dinner table. Not only are these beans good for your body, in general, but they are also rich in vitamin C, which helps fight periodontal disease.

5. Squash

Another fall favorite, squashes like butternut squash, pumpkin and more are chock full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, A, and magnesium. Vitamin A fights free radicals and helps to prevent inflammation and gum disease. The many vitamins and minerals that enrich squash help teeth and enamel stay healthy throughout the sugary season.

6. Turkey

The traditional Thanksgiving bird has plenty of arginine, which is a plaque-fighting amino acid. Eating foods rich in arginine reduces your chances of developing cavities.

7.  Carrots

Although we eat carrots year-round, this root vegetable is particularly popular during the holidays. Carrots have a wealth of vitamins A and C, which help fight gum disease and keep your body healthy overall. On top of all of this, carrots are an excellent source of fiber and can act as a natural cleaner if chewed after a meal.

This is the season of sweets, but it can also be the season of good health and cheer! With many, healthy seasonal meals on your side, you can get through the holidays this year without harming your teeth.

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