Andersen Dental Center would not be around if it wasn’t for Dr. Dane Andersen. He has recently updated his bio, giving us a better look into his goals for the practice, his motivation as a dentist and more! Read on to find out more about Dr. Andersen and his practice. Get To Know Your Dentist

Dr. Dane Andersen first decided to practice dentistry while in college at Walla Walla University here in Washington. He was in the process of obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and working on minoring in both biology and chemistry when his eyes were opened to the great benefits dentistry can provide.

After he had graduated Walla Walla University, Dr. Andersen went to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in Southern California to obtain his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. There he received a prosthodontic scholarship and was selected to go to Chicago for a prosthodontic meeting based upon his work in removable dentistry.

Loma Linda University also provided Dr. Andersen with the opportunity to be a part of several mission trips that took him to Africa, Nicaragua, and more locally Los Angeles. Those experiences made clear the tremendous global need for dental care and dental education in developing nations. So much of what dentists do involves small-scale procedures, making it easy to pack up the essentials and go anywhere to provide quality dentistry. This was one of the major ideas that made dental care appealing to Dr. Andersen.

These trips also made clear the fundamental skill needed by every doctor – dentist or otherwise. That is the ability to instill trust in one’s patients. Dr. Andersen found that being a skilled dentist isn’t enough to help people make decisions about their oral health. His inherent care and empathy served him well during these missions – and continue to serve him and his patients today.

About Andersen Dental Center

Dr. Andersen built his team upon the basis of really caring for patients of all ages and all needs. He and his staff understand that dental procedures are often stressful for people. That’s why he spends so much time continuing his education and why Andersen Dental Center boasts the latest technology like 3D imaging for implant placement.

Additionally, Dr. Andersen feels that every single person walking through the front door of Andersen Dental Center should be treated with the utmost care and respect. You, as a patient, are the reason Dr. Andersen and his team are in the healthcare profession. Patient care, comfort, and health is the drive behind every aspect of Andersen Dental Center.

Andersen Dental Center has grown through the trust built between patients and the dental team. Everyone, from Dr. Andersen to each staff member spends time helping patients make educated decisions about their oral care. Instead of giving patients only one option for his or her care, Dr. Andersen takes the time to make sure those he serves understands the decision they are making and helps them explore all of their options for optimal dental health. This empathetic, low-pressure approach to dental care makes for happier, healthier patients.

Dr. Andersen says “The reason I get up in the morning is that I get to see all of my tools and knowledge benefit my patients. Each patient and their needs are different – and that’s exciting. On top of it all, I get to meet great people every day.”

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